Wednesday, April 2, 2014

About How To Play Violin Relax

They said, if we play violin we must be able to play with relax. That absolutely true, why? because only with relax state, we can play with well, we can play at high speed and also still produce a beautiful sound.

But the problem is, how to achieve this state?
When i was start to learn violin, my teacher told me that my hand was to tense, it gripping to tight, i have to relax. Well, i tried, but i cannot.

Now after 2 years more i learn violin, i'm realize one thing, play violin, we do something that we never do before, so it must be hard, because our muscle wasn't train to do that, so in the first time, before we think about relax state, we must think that we must be able to do that first.

How can i relax my finger, if only to touch the string i must use my power to move my arm, and hold the pain in my arm. Just to touch i must use so much effort, so how can i relax with that state. Do anyone else ever experience this?

So the first thing that we must do is, we must train our body, train our hand, so it able to do what have to do to play violin. It has to press the string than, you must train your hand and finger until it can press the string with comfort. Because if you cannot do that, than you won't go anywhere in learning violin.

After you be able to do that, than you can start to observe, to feel how you press the string, what tense in your hand, and how to make it little bit relax. And after that i'm sure that you can advance in your learning violin with much faster, because one of your burden is relieve. So your mind can concentrate on the music, not disturbed by the pain in your hand, the tense in your hand and finger.

Ok, maybe that what i want to share today about learning to play violin. Hope this helpful.
Happy practicing everyone.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Long I Should Practice to master the Violin?

Many people asking about this, they wonder, how long time they have to spend to be able to master the violin. They think the more time they spend to practice, the quicker they can achieve their goal, to master violin.

Well that only half right, because beside time, there also several thing that you must notice about practice to play violin. What is practice? Basically practicing in violin mean that we try repeat to do something that we cannot do, until we get used and able to do it. And this is was one thing that we must remember, if we practice the wrong thing, so the effect was we get used (we trained) to do a mistake. 

That's why i ever say that if you try to learn violin, you must if you can, get a mentor. Get someone that can check the way you play. Someone that already can play to help you to be able to do the right thing, and make sure you don't develop a bad habbit.

And other thing was, practice, it mean we try to do something that we cannot do, so we will be able to do it. We cannot call it practice, if we spend many hour doing something that we already can do. Because only doing what we can do, doesn't make us batter. But by doing something we cannot, than we can make a progress.

So every time you want to practice, ask yourself, what i cannot do well, and i want to make it right now. Maybe your intonation, or maybe your speed, well, you must have a clear goal everytime you go to practice, otherwise your practice will be only wasting your time.

Oke, maybe that was my sharing about practice for now. ^_^
Happy practicing. ^_^

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Violin Lesson

Many people that want to learn violin ask this question, "Did i have to take a Violin Lesson to learn to play Violin?" Well, i guest the answer was clear enough. If you want to learn something, you need someone who teach you learn violin.

Many also ask, can i learn without a teacher? Well, it can, but not recomended, because without a teacher, we don't know weather we do a right thing or not. So overall i think for everybody who want to learn to play violin, need a Violin Lesson that teach by good teacher. Good teacher mean a teacher that can understand you, that can show you what you have to learn.

Because every one have a different problem that we face. So try to seek for the information about the Violin lesson that available in around you.

Learn music, although it maybe just a hobby for some of you, but i think it need a high commitment for every one of us who want to learn, to really practice every day, because without practice regulary everyday, it verry little chance for you to be able to master this skill.

Well i think thats all that I can share about Violin Lesson today.
So my advice, try to look for a good Violin Lesson around you. Check the review for every teacher there, and look wich one that you think fit for you. And also important to have the instrument. Because what the point of learning violin if you donk have a violin???

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Unique Of Violin

Violin is a musical instrument that have a very much uniquest. Not to mention the sound that can express the emotion that so deeply, and also the violin it self, is unique, there is no two violin with the same sound. And beside all of that, violin, the more age it gain, the more expensive it is. Many people look for Violin Old. Why? because violin old, the more age is the violin, the more unique the sound.

Violin created with the most material was wood, and with the passing time, wood that become more and more dry, that can resonance better sound, and it adjusting, when it used often, so the more age and more it used, the more good that violin.

So if you have a violin, you must use it often, so that someday it will become violin old, that have a good sound. ^_^ give your love to your violin, and make it sound better and better everyday. ^_^

Violin old that very popular today was a stradivari that was created by the most popular violin maker Antonio Stradivari from around 16 and 17 century. so basically mean that his violin at least have an age of 300 years now.  Really really very old violin. And because Antonio Stradivari now cannot make a violin anymore, so his violin became more and more expensive, because the only his work left now that we can use, and some of it can be broken, because of it ages.

So that was the very unique of violin. That was violin old was more and more valueable.
So, do you want to find some violin old? ^_^

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Learning Violin?

Why did you learn to play violin? This are the most important question that you must answer before you start to learn Violin. Why? because this will determine, how serious that you want to learn, because learning violin is not easy, there are many challenge that you must face, so you must start with the right motivation.

If You really like to play violin, and willing to sacrifice your precious time to train to play violin, get friend that also learn violin and find a good teacher that can direct you play violin, the chance is you can probably play this violin with well. ^_^

But still if you have all of those, you still must have patience, because learning playing violin will not done in just one or two days, it can take years, before you can play well.

So you need to have patience, and keep the spirit for practicing.

Shinichi Suzuki said "Knowledge is not skill, knowledge plus 10.000 repetition create skill."
You know how to hold bow, but that doesn't mean that you skilled in holding bow, until you holding it for at least 10.000 times. ^_^

ok, happy practicing. ^_^

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Most important thing To Learn Violin

What is the most important thing to learn the violin?
I think the answer was pation. Because learning play violin was involve so much aspect that we must learn, from our ability to know about the musical teory, train our ear to can hear the right note, and recognize it. Lear to hear the harmonic of the sound when it play together, and learn the technique to play violin.

Posture for playing Violin wasn't a natural position, and therefore, we must train our body, so our body can do the postition that needed to play violin, withou any tention in our body, and that was not an easy job.

Not to mention we must train to understand the tempo, and many more.

So here, before you start learning to play violin, the question that must ask is, did you have a pation to learn? Pation that make you keep on learning, no mather how much you can progress. A pation that make you allways try to understand, to find a way to learn.

Because, if not, you better consider to do something else, so you don't waste your time. ^_^

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Starting To Play Violin

People said it easy to start something, but mostly hard to finish it, i think is true, so with learning Violin. I see many people said they want to learn to play violin, but after just few month learning, they just give up.

Learning is a process, it apply to learning violin. Must work hard, and not easily to give up.

The Most important thing before we learn play violin is we must have a commitment to learn the violin, and keep our spirit to play burning on. ^_^

I suggest that we have take a course, that we have a teacher, that will tell us, what to learn, and suggest us, what to practice, because if we new, we even don't know anything about playing violin, how can we learn? That's why the present of a teacher is very important here.

Beside teacher, we also must have a target, a goal what to achieve, what we want to accomplish from our training, long term and short term goal, and commit to practice everyday.

Learning is creating a habit,  at the beginning it must be hard, but when we get use to it, then we ready to face the more difficult challenge to learn, so maybe we cannot be perfect, but we can became better day by day.

Ok, that maybe some about learning Violin that i want to share.
Hope it's usefull.