Wednesday, April 2, 2014

About How To Play Violin Relax

They said, if we play violin we must be able to play with relax. That absolutely true, why? because only with relax state, we can play with well, we can play at high speed and also still produce a beautiful sound.

But the problem is, how to achieve this state?
When i was start to learn violin, my teacher told me that my hand was to tense, it gripping to tight, i have to relax. Well, i tried, but i cannot.

Now after 2 years more i learn violin, i'm realize one thing, play violin, we do something that we never do before, so it must be hard, because our muscle wasn't train to do that, so in the first time, before we think about relax state, we must think that we must be able to do that first.

How can i relax my finger, if only to touch the string i must use my power to move my arm, and hold the pain in my arm. Just to touch i must use so much effort, so how can i relax with that state. Do anyone else ever experience this?

So the first thing that we must do is, we must train our body, train our hand, so it able to do what have to do to play violin. It has to press the string than, you must train your hand and finger until it can press the string with comfort. Because if you cannot do that, than you won't go anywhere in learning violin.

After you be able to do that, than you can start to observe, to feel how you press the string, what tense in your hand, and how to make it little bit relax. And after that i'm sure that you can advance in your learning violin with much faster, because one of your burden is relieve. So your mind can concentrate on the music, not disturbed by the pain in your hand, the tense in your hand and finger.

Ok, maybe that what i want to share today about learning to play violin. Hope this helpful.
Happy practicing everyone.

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