Monday, November 18, 2013

The Most important thing To Learn Violin

What is the most important thing to learn the violin?
I think the answer was pation. Because learning play violin was involve so much aspect that we must learn, from our ability to know about the musical teory, train our ear to can hear the right note, and recognize it. Lear to hear the harmonic of the sound when it play together, and learn the technique to play violin.

Posture for playing Violin wasn't a natural position, and therefore, we must train our body, so our body can do the postition that needed to play violin, withou any tention in our body, and that was not an easy job.

Not to mention we must train to understand the tempo, and many more.

So here, before you start learning to play violin, the question that must ask is, did you have a pation to learn? Pation that make you keep on learning, no mather how much you can progress. A pation that make you allways try to understand, to find a way to learn.

Because, if not, you better consider to do something else, so you don't waste your time. ^_^

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