Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Learning Violin?

Why did you learn to play violin? This are the most important question that you must answer before you start to learn Violin. Why? because this will determine, how serious that you want to learn, because learning violin is not easy, there are many challenge that you must face, so you must start with the right motivation.

If You really like to play violin, and willing to sacrifice your precious time to train to play violin, get friend that also learn violin and find a good teacher that can direct you play violin, the chance is you can probably play this violin with well. ^_^

But still if you have all of those, you still must have patience, because learning playing violin will not done in just one or two days, it can take years, before you can play well.

So you need to have patience, and keep the spirit for practicing.

Shinichi Suzuki said "Knowledge is not skill, knowledge plus 10.000 repetition create skill."
You know how to hold bow, but that doesn't mean that you skilled in holding bow, until you holding it for at least 10.000 times. ^_^

ok, happy practicing. ^_^

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