Saturday, November 16, 2013

Starting To Play Violin

People said it easy to start something, but mostly hard to finish it, i think is true, so with learning Violin. I see many people said they want to learn to play violin, but after just few month learning, they just give up.

Learning is a process, it apply to learning violin. Must work hard, and not easily to give up.

The Most important thing before we learn play violin is we must have a commitment to learn the violin, and keep our spirit to play burning on. ^_^

I suggest that we have take a course, that we have a teacher, that will tell us, what to learn, and suggest us, what to practice, because if we new, we even don't know anything about playing violin, how can we learn? That's why the present of a teacher is very important here.

Beside teacher, we also must have a target, a goal what to achieve, what we want to accomplish from our training, long term and short term goal, and commit to practice everyday.

Learning is creating a habit,  at the beginning it must be hard, but when we get use to it, then we ready to face the more difficult challenge to learn, so maybe we cannot be perfect, but we can became better day by day.

Ok, that maybe some about learning Violin that i want to share.
Hope it's usefull.

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