Friday, February 28, 2014

The Unique Of Violin

Violin is a musical instrument that have a very much uniquest. Not to mention the sound that can express the emotion that so deeply, and also the violin it self, is unique, there is no two violin with the same sound. And beside all of that, violin, the more age it gain, the more expensive it is. Many people look for Violin Old. Why? because violin old, the more age is the violin, the more unique the sound.

Violin created with the most material was wood, and with the passing time, wood that become more and more dry, that can resonance better sound, and it adjusting, when it used often, so the more age and more it used, the more good that violin.

So if you have a violin, you must use it often, so that someday it will become violin old, that have a good sound. ^_^ give your love to your violin, and make it sound better and better everyday. ^_^

Violin old that very popular today was a stradivari that was created by the most popular violin maker Antonio Stradivari from around 16 and 17 century. so basically mean that his violin at least have an age of 300 years now.  Really really very old violin. And because Antonio Stradivari now cannot make a violin anymore, so his violin became more and more expensive, because the only his work left now that we can use, and some of it can be broken, because of it ages.

So that was the very unique of violin. That was violin old was more and more valueable.
So, do you want to find some violin old? ^_^

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